Friday, November 25, 2011

Countdown to Sheri's 50th Birthday: 15 down, 35 to go!!!

Thanks to all who have absolutely made my week! After only a week, I have received 15 sets of baby clothes...only 35 to go to get to my goal of 50, which marks my 50th birthday.  I have several others who have promised to send them on to me.  Folks seem to really be responding, and I guess it's in part to it being so close to Christmas, and the fact that for some of us, that symbolizes the birth of Christ.

The gospels tell the story of the birth of Christ.  It's one that stirs my heart repeatedly.  As a mother myself, and becoming a mother for the first time at a young age just like Jesus' mother, I often wondered how she did it, who was there to help her, what her parents thought, what the village people thought.  It makes you wonder if there was a place like a Crisis Pregnancy Center back then,  if she would have used it as a single mother.

Mary went into labor as she and Joseph neared Bethlehem, but there wasn't any rooms for them to stay in.  So the baby Jesus was born in a manger, which for all practical purposes was a barn stable.

I have chickens myself, and spend time in there cleaning in.  It's no place for a baby.  We  kind of get all sentimental and think warm & cozy thoughts imagining the cows nuzzling up close to the baby in the manger, or sheep huddling nearby giving warmth, but I'm thinking it probably wasn't quite like that.  Our mind, in an effort to feel better, tries to put a positive spin on the imagery of a young teenage girl having to give birth in a barn, and the fact is, it couldn't have been a hygienic place and not even all that safe with the animals nearby.

The Women's Care Center in Danville is the mission which we are helping this Christmas season.  Our goal is 50 sets of warm clothes for new babies born to mothers who need help in some way, for what ever reason. If you can't do it for these young girls, do it for the reason for this season-- do it because of Christ, who came into the world to an unmarried teenage girl, born in a barn, surrounded by animals, no midwife or doctor that we know of, probably poor, lonely, and in a strange place.

I am accepting donations up to my birthday on Jan. 3.  The Center also needs a new television for educational purposes and if you'd rather send a donation, that is what we will be buying with it.  Any and all can be sent to me at 14556 N 1020 East Rd., Fairmount IL 61841.

Thank you again!

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Cheryl Z said...


This is a great idea! I'll be sending a gift for the babies. I found your blog through your website. I live just a couple of hours away from your farm and need more bees for one of my hives this spring. I was happy to find a place so near my home and am excited about all the information you and your husband offer. 2011 was our first year of beekeeping and have a lot to learn!

It's also exciting to read all your posts with the recipes and about your family. I am almost your age, with 8 children whose ages are 23 to 3. I think we have a lot in common!

Cheryl Z